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Pricing is only available to valid, registered, MIL/LEO/GOV/EMS Customers (read more)

K9 Creed Coffee

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In 2019 Andrea Alt a police officer and K9 handler with the Amberley Village Police department in Cincinnati, Ohio began making social media posts (TikTok @andrea.n.k9creed, Instagram @andrea.n.k9creed, Facebook @k9creed) about her and her service K9,  Creed.   At that time, her posts focused on what being a K9 handler meant to her.  She wanted to show people how she and Creed interacted together and how much of a team they are.  She was lucky enough to have a good Chief as well as work for a good police department who provided everything needed to keep her and Creed safe and properly trained.  

Through her social media posts, she learned how many k9 handlers are not so lucky and how funding is not available for them.  As she continued to make social media posts about Creed, her focus shifted towards raising money for other service K9’s in need of protective equipment, specifically ballistic vests.  Knowing how much her and Creed’s safety is at risk and how important it is for service K9s to have body armor protection, She created the K9 Creed Armour 501c3 in 2021. K9 Creed Armour Program has purchased 5 vests for K9s since 2021 with a goal of purchasing many more.      

K9 Creed Armour Program is partnering with N.A.G Industries in Bakersfield, California to further the program that Andrea and Creed have started.  N.A.G Industries is veteran and family owned certified small business located in Bakersfield, CA. with a mission is to provide the best customer service and the best products for all military, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency services, and government employees including service K9s. With that, we introduce K9 Creed Coffee!  K9 Creed Coffee is a dark roast, freshly roasted and shipped within the week of order.  

Proceeds from the sales of K9 Creed Coffee will go to the K9 Creed Armour Program