Sierra Whiskey Co.

Product Description:

Undertac Underwear are the best men's boxer brief on the market. Originally designed for Special Forces Operators in dangerous environments these will work perfectly whether you're on a mission or flipping flapjacks. Made from modal they are anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, and they don't pill like cotton. So they'll have you feeling cool, comfortable, and dry all day long. Oh, and they're also super soft! Due to our ambidextrous (yeah... we even thought about the lefties) Quick Release Fly you don't have to worry about moving your carry piece or reaching in up to your elbow when nature calls. The INFANTRY tag on the back of the waistband is what truly makes this tactical underwear, it's the Escape and Evasion Pocket! The top is open to allow covert carry of a handcuff key, ceramic blade, razor blade, kevlar string, or a few $100 bills, which makes them perfect for travel. Item retrieval is a one-finger job and the pocket, even when full, appears only as a label.

We may have forgotten to mention, Modal comes from sustainably harvested beech trees. So I guess you could say we care about the environment. It is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Roll with Undertac, we got you covered.

Product Features: 
  • Ambidextrous QR Fly perfect for those who carry appendix.
  • Escape & Evasion Pocket, perfect for handcuff key, kevlar string, money, other covert implements.
  • Extra wide, super soft waistband for superior comfort.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-pilling, moisture wicking material (50% more than cotton) perfect for travel.
  • Cool to touch, durable, fade resistant, shrink resistant.
  • Ultralightweight, feels like you're wearing nothing, but more comfortable.
  • 95% Modal + 5% Elastane = 100% Awesome